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Table mate is anexclusive portable table which manages out a multiple usage process. Telebuy has the sole marketing holder in India. People have an adequate feel while using table mate. It can adopt in 6 different heights and 3angles. We can use tablemate in ourroutine activity such as laptop table, study desk, reading, writing, drawing,arts and crafts, board games, trade shows, outdoor traytable, gardening,servingtable etc. The highly specified reason behind tablemate is we can assemble it within two minutes without using any kind of tools. Telebuy gives an offer for table mate as buy 4and pay for 3. This is a good opportunity were we can savemoney with affordable price range.

Table mate is flexibleenough to be tilted at a convenient angle to suit your needs. The space savingdesign makes it an ideal choice for small rooms where it can be used as a tabletray for bed. This indoor-outdoorplastic table folds into a semi-folded positionand you can easily store it under a sofa or in a closet. This versatileTablemate II adjustable table can be assembled in a matter of just two minutesthat too without the need of any tools. With the built-in adjustable cupholder, no matter what position your table mate is, your cup is staying in.


• Laptopfolding table
• Study desk
• Reading table
• Writing table
• Drawing table
• For board games
• Card table
• Outdoor tray table
• Patio tray table
• Serving table

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