Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

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The size of your bathroom is generally locked. There’s no real way to expand the size, shape or overall feel unless you undertake a costly remodel or renovation, though we have a few ideas that you can incorporate into your existing bathroom to get it feeling bigger than it actually is.


Appropriate Decor and Fixture Sizes
This is a fairly big point to make when any small space is concerned. If you choose to incorporate a whole group of materials and they’re designed for bigger rooms, then you’re going to be squeezing far too much into the bathroom and it’s going to feel even smaller than it already was. This goes for things like wash basins, toilets, vanities as well as shower bases. If they’re all being added to small space, then be as frugal as possible with their sizes and focus on leaving as much ‘empty’ space in the bathroom as possible.

The shape of these materials and items is also important in a small space too. If your bathroom is a curved U-shape, rounded shape or a square, then try to match that with the style of vanity and basin.

Another tip here is using wall space for certain essentials. Mounting a toilet, bidet or faucets to walls rather than the floor or vanity top will open up more free space and make the room feel ‘lighter’ with regard to the visual fullness. So you can make the bathroom feel like there is more free space than there would be if these fixtures were joined to the floor.

Use Colour to your Advantage

Colour is going to be one of the most helpful aspects when designing a bathroom to look bigger, no matter how small it is. Contrasting colours with the walls and tap ware and basins are a great way to visually separate each section of the bathroom and make it feel as though its large enough to have a few different individual spaces.

A few tips here are to choose tiles that are bright pastel colours, or plain whites and greys as they will certainly make the size of the room appear bigger. Running the tiles from the floor all the way to the ceiling is also a great idea if you’re looking to maximise the visual space in the room. Going from floor to ceiling keeps the flow going in the room and doesn’t cut it off when the tiling ends, so do your best to carry flow throughout the whole space, even with your mirrors - try to get a mirror from your vanity to the ceiling.

Finally, sleek tapware and shiny surfaces help to make the bathroom appear to have more space and depth. Squared-off taps work best here like the Phillis Chrome Mixer from Bravat, as you’ll be creating a clear contrast from the rest of the bathroom which helps to create an individual space around the vanity and the shower.

A Versatile Door
A lot of people don’t understand that when designing a bathroom, a major hit to the size comes from a larger swinging door. In some cases, a door can take up an entire quarter of the bathroom and make it seem far smaller than it already is.

There are a few things you can do here to fix this issue though, and that’s installing sliding glass or frosted glass doors like European cavity sliders to make keep the flow of the room going, rather than cutting it in half with a big bulky wooden door. On top of this, you can even install bathrobe and towel hooks on the interior of the door to save more space in the room.

Create Flow, Don’t Cut Through the Space
Glossy tiles are a saviour when it comes to smaller spaces. Although the current trend in bathroom design is to install matte blacks and grey tiling, this is going to have a major negative effect on the size of the bathroom, so in a small space stick to a bright, light pastel-toned glossy tile that runs from the shower base, or floor, to the ceiling.

If you have a few cabinets or a large vanity in your bathroom, then this is the perfect place to use some creativity and get rid of the side paneling and open them up. Don’t slice through the space with solid materials. Use open shelving and showcase your storage, rather than creating boxes all over the room.

Your Window’s Better than Lighting
Lastly, your window, no matter how large or small, is better than artificial lighting. A window changes the way you perceive space in the bathroom because it creates an open uninterrupted connection to outside, and it's certainly a good idea to either expand a window or to keep an existing one from being blocked by clutter.

Natural lighting is more ‘smooth’ and easy on the eye and a window doesn’t add any extra visual clutter to space, so going big on your window and making it a focal point in the bathroom is going to have a major effect on making your bathroom seem bigger.
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