Old Age Homes in Chennai

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We are the Old Age Homes in Chennai providing the full spectrum of care services for all age group is.It is the best Alcohol De Addiction Centre in Chennai.

Never a culture or even a part of the Indian society, but definitely has become a necessity today. As our country is driving at full force to become a super power, we are rapidly losing the rich Indian traditional values.

To provide comprehensive and quality care and to ensure that the resident senior citizens live with respect and dignity in a secure, compassionate, congenial environment and surroundings.

To act as a center where the knowledge and experiences of life of the senior citizens are utilized in a constructive manner so as to contribute more meaningfully to both, the residents and the society.

De-Addiction Centres
Our De-Addiction Centres have a 28 day (4 week) package typically involves 1 week of detox and 3 weeks of intensive psychological therapy. The client is offered Individual, Group and Family therapy sessions. A joint assessment is done where Psychologists address various factors like stress-related concerns, family issues, social situations and Psychiatrists address the underlying psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, Bipolar Disorders and personality issues

Aim to provide high quality and evidence based psychiatric and psychological care at affordable cost and bring innovative treatments to India.

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