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Dentist in Mexico: Why Traveling to Mexico is worth it

Published 2 years ago
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Going to the dentist in Mexico may not seem like a good idea for some Americans Canadians or even people from Europe looking for dental treatments with excellent quality, with the best services and of course with more affordable prices than those found in their homes countries.

One of the main benefits of coming for dental work in Mexico is that you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for. Without a doubt.

One of the concerns of foreigners traveling to Mexican lands is that being an underdeveloped country, they will not find the same efficiency as in their countries.

However, Mexico has become one of the most visited destinations in the world for medical tourism in general, not just dental, but for plastic surgery as well. Which makes it a viable option for the wishes and expectations of the foreigner.

But, why would someone want to travel from so far to receive dental work that is available where they live? Very simple, prices are much lower, and they have access to the technology and treatments of equal quality.

It might seem hard to believe, but many Americans don’t have access to quality dental services because they are too expensive for them.

Some don’t even have dental insurance that covers their basic needs. Actually, according to the National Association of Dental Plans, 114 million Americans don’t have dental insurance, including 46.3 million people aged 65 or older.

Is it Safe Traveling to Mexico?

People may have the idea that traveling to Mexico is equivalent to being exposed to many risks and dangers. The truth is that going to Mexico is not as bad as many say. It’s an enriching experience, you will meet explore new horizons, and the food is one of the best ones in the world.

Also, in Tijuana for example, you can count on the free transportation service offered by dental offices such as Trust Dental Care.

With their Free Shuttle Service, they can take you from point A to point B, without charging you for it. This can be quite useful for those who do not want to risk getting lost in the vast border town.

If what worries you is the crime or the common problems that have characterized Mexico as a country with enormous security problems, there is nothing to worry about.

Many people can exaggerate the context and take it to unreal levels. The dangers can be latent anywhere in the world, and at least in Tijuana, the indices are scarce for those who travel for medical tourism to the city.

The Awesome Experience of Traveling to Tijuana
The benefits of traveling to a city like Tijuana with so much cultural background and areas to visit is that you will find all kinds of medical services from dental work to plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

In addition to that, you will find a unique gastronomic and brewing experience.

Surely you have heard of Tijuana in many movies and TV series, it is an exotic and attractive destination for all those who look for adventures.

The night offer is indescribable and let's not talk about the variety of craft beer that places Tijuana as one of the producers with the most significant type and flavor in Mexico.

Traveling is a passion for many people today and doing it while covering dental needs is even better. In Tijuana, there is a lot to see and know, you will enjoy an incredible experience.

I have this friend who traveled from Alberta, Canada to Tijuana to carry out a couple of dental implants. She told me that she was too worried about the prices she found in her country and that she definitely could not afford it. So he started looking for other alternatives.

That's how she found out about the dental proposal, her dental implants in Tijuana would have a more accessible cost, and she would not have to worry about quality or safety issues. This dental office, called Trust Dental Care, would pick her up at the San Diego airport and take her free to their facilities.

After this experience, she told me that she would be back in six months so that her crowns are placed, and she will also bring two more friends with her for dental works in this same office.

She has been so fascinated with the results that she almost cried of joy when she told me about her experience.

Thousands of foreigners have done the same, obtaining satisfactory and enormous results.

Why is Dentist in Mexico the Best Option?
As I said, millions of Americans do not have dental insurance, which makes difficult to have access to quality dental work because going to the dentist is a necessity and not a luxury as many says.

Now, the prices compared in the United States and Mexico are incredibly different. For example, a porcelain dental crown fused with metal can cost up to USD 1,400.00 in the United States, which in Tijuana can cost approximately USD 200.00.

Do you see the differences? Well, this one of the main reasons and people still can say “they are cheap and worthless,” but not, in this case, lower prices don’t mean less quality.

Supply and demand in Tijuana are monumental. This is only because there is a lot of variety especially in the areas near to the border with our country. Tijuana is one of the busiest borders in the world, and it is for a perfect reason, here you will find everything you are looking for.

The entry of foreigners into the city is enormous, increase every day by the way, but we must remember that medical tourism had its beginnings in the 80s and since then has only taken more strength.

This is because in Tijuana are professional people, prepared for what they do and able to carry out high-level procedures as in advanced countries. They have the most advanced technology believe it or not, and you can count on having positive results.

There is only one indication, look very well at the kind of place you go because in Tijuana as well as in other parts of the world, there are also charlatans who do not hesitate to take advantage of you.

Although these are few, there are some, and you have to avoid them.

Besides, contrary to what many may be thinking, Mexicans are loyal and committed to what they offer.

One of the traits that define Mexicans well, although you don’t believe it, is that they are workers and professionals, this is another strong reason that you can take into account when choosing a dentist in Mexico.

Another detail to consider is that in Tijuana, for example, you will find professionals who can practice from a root canal to a dental implant without problems and without the need to call other specialists for the job, which is very common in the United States.

That can take away a lot of time and of course, money that we are not ready to spend. With all these health issues and laws changing, sometimes for the worse every day in our country, traveling to Mexico in particular to Tijuana for dental purposes is no longer sounds so outlandish after all, right?

Mexico Dentist Advantages

The disadvantages of traveling to Mexico in search of medical services, in general, can be a few if you are overthinking, but if you decide to see everything with kind eyes, you will realize that doing it doesn’t represent as many troubles as you imagine.

Tijuana is cutting edge offering dental services at affordable costs, plus in most cases, they will cover your needs on the same day of your consultation.

The price, efficiency, and quality are virtues that define this border as one of the best in Mexico and even the world.

Undoubtedly, the number of people who have told their satisfactory experience is vast, and we are talking about people who have even traveled from countries such as Holland, Germany or France to receive dental treatments.

They have also taken the opportunity to get to know one of the most extravagant and colorful cities in the world, such as Tijuana.

If your concern is that dentists in Tijuana are not able to perform specific procedures, forget those thoughts. In Tijuana can carry out methods for dental cleanings and whitening to more complicated things like veneers, dental implants, total teeth reconstructions and full mouth implants.

You don’t have to worry about the language barrier because most of the dental centers have trained staff but also fluent in the English language.

 Communication is one of the essential parts of Tijuana dentist, and the language will not be an impediment. Take into account all this and continue with your research before making a reservation, but definitely going to the dentist in Mexico is one of the best experiences.
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