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Data Destruction Services: The Surest Way to Dispose of Confidential Information

Published 2 years ago
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Many companies are faced with the dilemma of how to handle the unwanted data. This is so especially if the data at hand contains confidential information that may jeopardize the operation of the business in case it lands in the wrong hands. Lost or stolen data also poses a major risk to the company.

But this should no longer be a problem. You must be wondering why and yet all the vital information is in the hands of a potential enemy. There are companies that specialize in offering data destruction services. These companies ensure any data that has either been stolen, lost or is no longer in use is well-taken care off.

Different methods of data destruction

Data destruction involves both digital and paper format data. Depending on your preference, you can opt for onsite data destruction or organize for pickups with the respective company. Just to be sure of the integrity of the process, onsite data destruction is highly recommended. The different methods involved in data destruction are:

1.      Hard drive destruction

This normally deals with the destruction of digital data and media sanitation services. Always ensure a certificate of data destruction has been issued for all the services provided. The different types of digital media services destroyed are;

-          Hard drives   

-          Tapes

-          Solid state drives

-          CDs & DVDs

-          Cell phones and PDAs

2.      Paper shredding

 Hard copy documents with important and confidential information should be destroyed if they are no longer in use. More often than not, these documents normally contain personal information that should not be exposed anyhow.

To be on the save side with the authority ensure, these documents are completely destroyed preferably with a shredder. Some of the materials that should be shredded are:

-          Financial documents

-          Tax documents

-          Receipts and checkbooks

-          Confidential company information

-          Policy documents and reports

-          Personal and confidential information

-          Recycling papers  

Depending on the level of operation in your company, you can opt for one-off shredding service or schedule regular mobile shredding services. All these can be done on site just to ensure you are satisfied with the services. 


3.      Electronic recycling

Once the electronic data has been destroyed, what happens to the waste? Electronic recycling comes in handy at this juncture. This ensures that the environment is well taken care of by reducing electronic wastes.

Some of the items that are recycled are desktops and laptops, LCD monitors, all computer accessories, cell phones, digital cameras among others.


Companies have found themselves on the wrong side of authority due to lack of proper disposal mechanism for their sensitive data. To some, it happens out of sheer ignorance while others are just careless.

Sensitive and confidential information should be handled with care whether it is in use or not. Protect the integrity of your company by destroying any unwanted, lost or stolen data. There are accredited companies that can handle that either on sight or at their own premises. You no longer have an excuse for mishandling sensitive and confidential information.
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