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100 Facts about fantasy sports you probably never knew

Published 8 months ago
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Fantasy sport is a type of game in which participants assemble a virtual team from a pool of real players from a sport such as football or basketball. They are then awarded points based on the performance of those players during the length of the game. The statistical performance of the players in the game is converted into ‘fantasy points’ that determine the outcome. The participant who accumulates the most fantasy points is deemed as the winner.

The user acts a virtual general manager who has complete control of their roster with abilities to draft, trade and drop players as per their choosing. Fantasy sports can be played in the context of a single game or can span the course of an entire season depending on the type of play and the league the user has enrolled in.

The fantasy sports industry, true to its name is quite a fantasy when we look at its history. The way in which it has evolved and grown is surely legendary. Here are a few facts that will put you in a state of awe. Follow the link to know more

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