6 Networking Tips for Graduate Students

Published on 2020-04-18 14:30:10
3 min read

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Networking is an investment in your career. Do you know that 85% of the jobs are attained through this practice? Professionals treat graduate school as an opportunity to increase their social circle and hone their craft. So, if you need help with networking, below are some practical tips.

1.      Get Involved

An important part of graduate schooling is building connections. Considering how easy it is now to form new associations and build links with peers and classmates, graduate schools should be taken as a great opportunity to blend in with people and increase your social circle.

You should benefit from every opportunity to hang out with your professors, classmates, and batch mates to hang out outside the classroom. Universities usually grant such opportunities in the form of functions and events. Clubs, groups, and meetings are the on-campus activities that give you a chance to gain connections and build a reputation.

The key is to never limit your circle to industry-related people. Always make sure that you meet people from different walks of life as you don’t know who you might need down the line.

2.      Reach Out To Your Professor

Your professors are important not only because they possess affirmative skills and techniques, but also because they have gained enough exposure and experience in the industry that they can guide and mentor you.

The connections they have made in their long careers might aid you in the future. Therefore, don’t be like the “cool kids” and try to engage with them regularly. Reach out to them and try to gain information beyond the classroom setting. You can meet them during the office hours or for a formal coffee chit chat.

3.      Do Your Research

You have no idea how important it is not to hold grudges. Ego can stop your career from taking off. Therefore, you should remain humble no matter what. This means that you should engage with different people, communicate with them effectively, find out what they know and exchange information. Additionally, get in touch with them on the internet. This is a learning phase, so it’s extremely important to make the most of this fruitful time. This is when you can make mistakes and learn from them.

4.      Be Helpful Towards Others

If you want effective professional connections, you have to be willing to go beyond. Expecting information from others is quite selfish. You need to realize that what goes around comes around. Be there for people so that they would be there for you. Be proactive and try to build relationships that you can sustain even after graduating from school. 

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5.      Keep an Active Online Presence

As mentioned above, you must maintain a strong online presence. Therefore, make sure that you join all social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be up to date with the modern methods of functioning and stay connected to all affiliations online. Be available all the time and make sure that others are aware of that. More importantly, be present on LinkedIn because this is where all the professional groups find you. Overall, build a profile that exhibits all your skills and experience.

6.      Stay in Touch

And finally, it all boils down to staying in touch. Many students don’t stay in touch with their university groups and peers after they graduate. This is where they go wrong. Make sure that you find time for your old classmates and peers and don’t stop hustling.


Therefore, it can be established that networking is an important aspect of professional life and graduate students should make conscious efforts to increase their network.