Nambaa Girls Shojiki Shogi - Yamamoto Sayaka vs Watanabe Miyuki

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Translated By - 48 Family on Tumblr

I wasn’t going to translate this but it turned out to be too good for me to not translate this.

Sata: On the left, we have the 48 group’s most fearsome fisherman, no., Tsuri-Baka idol Watanabe Miyuki!!

(Tsuri-baka is a famous movie series in Japan)

On the right we have stoic idol Yamamoto Sayaka!

And on analysis we have Yamada Nana!!

-moving on-

Watanabe: I’ll go with number 3.

Sata: Why number 3?

Watanabe: All the members think it, but maybe she is thinking it on the inside.

Truthfully, you are aware of your lack of style but you still think you have better fashion sense than Takahashi Minami.

Takamina: ….What

Sata: The needle….ONE POINT!

Takamina: Wait…collateral damage?

Sata: What do you think Yamamoto?

Sayanee: I’ve never thought of Takamina as unfashionable.

Milky: That’s because you have no fashion sense!!!!


Sashi: First of all, Milky believes it first!

Takamina: What are we even playing today?

Sata: What’s bad about her?

Milky: The one thing I noticed about her is that she once wore long socks that elementary school kids wear along with short shorts

Sayanee: She’s saying it weird. It wasn’t plain, there were lines!

Nana: But there were like athletic socks that soccer players wear.

Sata: You think that’s fashionable?

Sayanee: Well…I do but there was this one guy who isn’t even a fan of me and he walked past me saying “Whoa, that’s ugly”

Sata: Okay, you’re turn. Why that one?

Sayanee: Well..I didn’t realize it until someone told me. But when someone told me I was like “You’re right…”. No one can probably imagine it!
Between you and me..when you’re in your underwear…you have a tendency to scratch your crotch.

Milky: No….

Sayanee: You scratch yourself while changing.

Milky: No.

Sata: ONE POINT!!!! What does this mean Yamamoto?

Sayanee: Well when you change you’re in your underwear right? Well, the duration that she doesn’t have clothes on is unnaturally long to begin with, but I see her sometimes just…scratch herself.

Yuko: You’ve exceeded me.

Milky: -facepalm-

Sata: With 1-0 I think it’s okay to have revenge, Watanabe.

Milky: In reality, you are self-conscious about your hairiness.

Sayanee: No.



Milky: I’ve had someone tell me that Sayanee pulls out her hairs from her arm.

Nana: I’ve seen it too.

Sata: On the flip side does it mean you don’t think you’re hairy.

Sayanee: Everyone does it. Everyone has hair and I’m just taking care of it.

Nana: If she has free time she’s always doing it like this!

Sashi: Scratching their crotches and pulling out hair what the hell is going with this group.

Sayanee: Since I’ve seen this actually happen. I’ll go with this one. She’s really friendly so she does this a lot. When you work with male staff members you sometimes call them by their first name.

Milky: No.


Everyone: WHATTT!!1 (Unthinkable since it’s usually a sign of disrespect/you’re really close with said individual. It’s odd because she’s most certainly the youngest one there and you would never call an elder by their first name)


Sayanee: During one shoot or something Milky called one of the staff members by his first name and added a -kun to it.

Yuko: What a fisherman.

Milky: Because I have that kind of character everyone makes that kind of lie in order to get to me! -MUAHAHA-

Sata: What the hell are you laughing for? Doctor, what’s your first name?

Shinsaku: Shinsaku.

Milky: Shin-chan!

Sata: 2-1 Yamamoto. What are you gonna do Milky?

Milky: I’m gonna go for one of the staple ones that I have.
Recently, your chin has become even more protruding.

Kiyoto: What the hell is this.

Sata: This is just bad mouthing someone.

Milky: Isn’t her chin outrageous?

Sayanee: It’s not outrageous.

Sata: ONE POINT! What does this mean?

Milky: It’s common even among fans. Like on shows they make fun of it.

Sayanee: Even if it does happen, Milky always backs me up and says it’s not protruding. A bit jokingly however.

Milky: I don’t think it’s protruding. But I thought it would get to her.

Nana: But you yourself made your own AGO48!

Sata: Which is?

Sayanee: Well I sorta picked up some reinforcements from NMB in order to make..AGO48.

Kiyoto: What is going on with this group.

-moving onto question-

Sayanee: From the 48 Group’s greatest fisherman, someone like Kiyoto can be fished in one word.

Milky: NO.

Sayanee: You can.


Kiyoto: I’m not so easily fished.

Milky: Let me go with my ace in the hole. "Kiyo-chan, will you go chapu chapu with me?"

Kiyoto: My god, I just swallowed the fishhook.

Fukuoka Yoshimoto should learn from this and groom Chiyori and Sheegs as such.

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