Please Help Us Get To Florida

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This is our GoFundMe to help us get to Florida. We live in a city, Allentown, PA, which is a dry city, not many jobs are here. Most are temp jobs or part-time jobs.

My mom, her boyfriend and my brother live in KIssamee, Florida and they told me that there are more jobs down here and they are right.

What we're trying to do is get money for the trip down to Kissamee,FL and one month for a motel. After that, I'll be able to pay for the motel and Lisa will get a job and we'll split the bill. We will also put money aside for us to get our own place. 

To read about what we're going through or to donate money, goto . Even if can't help, please share to other people.

This is a last resort, we don't really like asking people for money, it's just that it's bad up in my area.

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