Gangaur procession in Jaipur finishes with fanfare

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18 days of Hindu rituals and celebration ended with the conclusion of the Gangaur festival April 24 in Jaipur. Gangaur is an important Rajasthani Festival celebrated by women. Celebrated throughout Rajasthan, the event honors the Goddess Gauri, who is a symbol of virtue, devotion, fertility and marital bliss.

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Women celebrate the holiday with ritual fasting, limiting themselves to one meal a day, and planting barley seeds in ashes as a blessing for fertility and prosperity.

For more than two weeks splendid pageantry filled the streets with costumed horses and camels while folk dancers festooned in traditionally bright garb sauntered throughout the city. The Gangaur idol, symbolizing spring and harmony between husband and wife, was carried through the streets on a silver palanquin as the finale of the festival.

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