CustomSoft Employee Training Management Application

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       Application for Employee Training Management Software by CustomSoft is useful for organization as well as employee. It is a responsive training platform. Organization can able to check-in on the performance of their training with a few clicks and get detailed reports about the progress and scores of their employee.      

        CustomSoft included features like Registration and Login, Academic / Education, Certification Management, Classroom Management, Employee Training, Date and Time Management, Training Material Management, Live / Video Conferencing, Mobile Learning, Online Assignments and test, Result and Feedback, Re arrangement of training and test, Topics add/update/delete




·         Centralize your organization’s training data

Access, maintain and manage all of your training metrics in a singular location.

·         Streamline training set-up, scheduling and assignment
Set up an unlimited number of user groups based on job titles, roles, departments, facilities or locations and easily schedule and assign training requirements to these groups.

·         Drive effective training tracking and completion
Keep training requirements on track and drive their completion with automated email reminders sent to employees and their supervisors for upcoming and overdue training.


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