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                   CustomSoft E-Learning Software Services goes far beyond conventional training by recording every training session, managing individual training requirements and reporting training progress for better understanding.

            CustomSoft’s Web Based E-Learning Software Services developed to effectively train a large group of individuals spread across the organization.

            With the help of Customized E-Learning Software Service, training and e-Learning are managed by software that allows users and administrators to access courses and training reports easily.

            Features of E-Learning Software Service are Learner messaging, Notifications facility, Reminder to inform them about training, Management of users, Reports generation

            Benefits of E-Learning Software Service by CustomSoft are Independent LMS modules for every educational sections, Customized web based LMS as per the needs of educational solutions, Online information management by multiuser likes all teachers and learners is possible.

            The key factor behind the success of CustomSoft is client satisfaction and high quality of software Development. CustomSoft feel great to mention that clients are truly satisfied with the work by CustomSoft team. 



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