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TOP 5 Summer Jobs for Students in 2017

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For some students, summer is a period of long-awaited rest. For others, however, summer is an opportunity to work. 

Why work in summer when you’ll have to do so all the time after you graduate? Well, summer jobs are a great experience for students. Not only they allow to make some money (which is the main reason for many students) but also help in developing new skills as well as preparing for the adult life. Moreover, employers like graduates with working experience, considering them more motivated, serious, and reliable. That’s why finding a summer job can benefit you in so many ways.
However, what summer job should you choose? There are many opportunities for students, but not all of them are suitable for everyone. That’s why in this article we want to offer you a list of five most interesting and appealing summer jobs in 2017, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.


If you lead an active lifestyle and don’t plan to spend even a part of your summer working indoors, this can be a perfect job for you (of course, if you can communicate with kids well). You can join one of the many summer camps spread across the country, taking care of the groups of children staying there. If you have a CPR certification, your chances of landing this job will even increase.


You don’t get along with children well, but like to take care of pets? Well, in this case, you should consider becoming a dog walker or a pet-sitter during summer months. Many people leave for their summer vacation during this period, needing someone to take care of their beloved pets – and you can help them with that. This is also a great job for those students who like pets but cannot afford to have them now (mostly because of the college): this way they’ll be able to spend some time with animals before they are able to have their own.


If you have good grades and are skilled and patient enough to explain things to the other people, you can try working as a tutor. Choose the subjects that you are particularly strong at (and that are especially interesting to you) and offer your services to the students living in your hometown or online.
This job will allow you to enhance your education a bit as well as make decent money while having enough time to hang out with your friends.


If writing is your passion, you can try making money with the help of this skill. Moreover, working as speech writer or another kind of freelance writer can improve both your writing and research skills as well as help build a decent portfolio.
Of course, finding a professional writing job isn’t easy even when you are a graduate; however, it is much simpler when it comes to freelance writing. Even students that have no professional experience but do have strong writing skills can find their first clients and slowly but surely start making more and more money with the help of their writing. You can try looking for jobs on special freelance writing websites like Upwork or check out more specific websites for bloggers like Bloggingpro.


If money isn’t your top priority at the moment, you can always try choosing an internship instead of an ordinary summer job. While this option won’t be so financially beneficial (in fact, some of the internships don’t actually include a salary), it will definitely benefit your future more, allowing you to gain new skills as well as valuable work experience. Moreover, an internship is also a great opportunity to learn how to pass interviews successfully.
Moreover, an internship experience is highly valued by employers. You might be a successful college graduate with good grades, but many employers seek more than just that. An internship experience will be a proof of you being a hardworking, career-motivated, and proactive person, increasing your chances of getting a dream job.

As you see, there are many different summer job options. Some of them will suit those students, who want to spend their summer actively, while some will allow working from home. Some will leave you enough time to spend it with your friends, while some will prepare you for a full-time work in the future. Some will help you earn decent money, while some will help you gain valuable skills (and sometimes you’ll get both money and valuable experience at once).

So choose a job that seems the most appealing to you and start making the most out of your summer! If you want to share your summer job experience and tips with us, please do so in the comments below.

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