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How to Make Fundraising Campaign Successful on Facebook

Published 6 months ago
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Digital fundraising professionals are facing some problems when they are going to raise fundraising campaigns on Facebook. Its reason is that some changes are made in the Facebook News Feeds and they are facing some problems like the decline in the organic research and reduction in the engagement. Anyhow, if you want to make successful fundraising campaigns on Facebook, you will have to follow some essential tricks. On the other hand, if you are going to raise funds by adopting the traditional techniques, you will never be able to get success. Here, we will provide some essential tips that will be helpful to you to make your fundraising campaigns successful on Facebook.

  • Grab The Attention Of The Visitors

The feature of Facebook fundraising tool was introduced in 2015. Since 2015, millions of nonprofit organizations are using this tool. Therefore, anyone can use this tool and with the help of its easy to use interface, it is also easy for us to make a Facebook fundraising campaign appealing for the users. As millions of people are using this tool of Facebook, therefore, you will have to make your campaign engaging and intriguing for the users. Its reason is that if your campaign will not be intriguing and interesting for the viewers, you will not make it successful. For this reason, you should try to grab the attention of the viewers by adding a compelling headline or title, by adding an awe-inspiring cover photo and by adding interesting headlines.

  • Feature Your Most Compelling Story

After seeing compelling headlines and awe-inspiring cover photo, viewers will try to click on your fundraising campaigns. After clicking on the fundraising campaign, they try to read the first story on your page. If you have shared lots of stories on your page, you should try to feature the most compelling story on the top of the page just by pinning it. Its reason is that after reading your most interesting and compelling story, the viewers will be engaged with your fundraising campaign and they try to make donations. In this story, you should try to tell the viewers why you are collecting these funds and what will happen if you make donations. This compelling story will be helpful for the viewers to make their decisions either they should make donations or not.

  • Go Live On Facebook While Fundraising

Talking with a dissertation expert, another interesting tip to make your Facebook fundraising campaign successful is that you should try to go live on Facebook while fundraising. Its reason is that live stream will provide you with a chance to connect with the people directly and encourage them to make donations. Before making donations, there are some questions in the minds of the donators. To go live on Facebook is the best way to provide possible answers to these questions of the donators. If donators are satisfied with your answers, they try to make donations. While going live on Facebook for the purpose of fundraising, you will have to insert a donate button in the live video. You should be very careful while adding this donate button. You should make sure that you have added this donate button at the proper place and it is easily visible to all the viewers. After completing the live video campaign, you should also try to promote it and try to get more donations.

  • Thank People If They Are Making Donations

If people are making donations, you should try to thank them. The best way to thank them is to tag the individual donors and try to thank them in real-time. Some other ways to thank them for making donations are to call them out by their names, you can make special videos for thanking the donators and you can also create some thank you signs for your donators. You can make these videos simply by using your Smartphone or camera of your laptop.

  • Update People On Your Progress

To raise funds by running a fundraising campaign on Facebook is just like crowdfunding or any other kind of online fundraising campaign. It means that you will have to update your fundraising campaign on a regular basis. For this reason, you should try to upload stories at least once a day. These stories can be relevant to the basic purposes behind this fundraising campaign or thanking the people who are making donations. Its reason is that if you are not sharing anything on your page relevant to this fundraising campaign, it will be difficult for you to make your Facebook fundraising campaign successful.

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