What to Read to Become Better Writer

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Would you like to become a better writer? Well, even the most experienced authors would like to sharpen their skills once in while. The good thing is that all writers can use some tips to become better writers. When starting out, it’s a great idea to sharpen your skills so that you can become the best. You can actually learn everything that you want to learn from other writers. The best thing to do is to read books as this can actually take you further and ensure that you become that writer that you have always yearned to be. If you want to know more about quality writing, read how to write an expository essay.

Here are a handful of books that can help you become the best writer.

1. A memoir of the craft

Written by Stephen kings, this book became an instant best seller the moment it hit the market. After sharing how he became a good writer he goes ahead to explain some of the best writing strategies that have helped him become the best writer. One of the things he suggested is that you should always write with the audience in mind. As a writer, you must have that one first reader whether he is your friend or your family member who enjoys your writing and who will pinpoint areas where you need to improve.

2. Earnest Hemingway on writing

Although Hemingway never wrote a book on writing he shared his thoughts on different articles, letters and some of his novels. This book is a collection of great insights in the art on practical writing including several inspiring tips that writers can use to improve their craft. He believed that the best way to write well is to actually experience it.

3. Naked drunk writing

Written by Adair lara, at a first instance this books looks like it’s not connected to blogging. However, whether you believe it or not every time you press the submit button you are putting yourself naked and drunk. This book is all about great writing lessons that every writer could learn. It weaves together personal stories and lessons on how to structure your work so as to attract the audience. If you want to know how to tell your story effectively this is the best book to read.

4. How to write a damn good novel

This book by James Frey is similar to Save the Cat. It actually provides you with the formula that you need if you want to create a novel. Apart from this, it’s filled with the best principles and examples that you can use for storytelling. If you haven’t known by now, storytelling and structure are very important skills especially if you want to become a great writer. With many books and blogs coming everyday, a compelling structure and story telling are some of the skills that will set you apart from others. In writing, do not try to reinvent the wheel just learn it and make it better.

5. Writing down the bones

This amazing book written by Natalie Golfberg introduces you to the wonder, curiosity, magic, and excitement that attracted you to writing in the first place. Although written almost 30 years back, the writer would be one of the most popular blogger if he could fill his blogs with some of these great ideas. In this book, he has explained how to beat procrastination, how to be a writer, and how to be spontaneous and focused at the same time. If you need something gentle to jar you up with the best ideas this is the best book to read.

Final thoughts

As a writer you need to stay focused and you will realize that the world is very generous teacher. Remember, your writer’s education is never complete and books can bring in the insight and the structure that you need. So, if you need to sharpen your skills grab one of these great books and gradually become excellent in your craft. Here is what to read to become better writer.

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