How to Break the Ice With Strangers

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Striking up a conversation with someone you just met on your daily commute or in a line at Starbucks, can turn into awkward situations if you are not able to handle it well. How many of us have fallen into the trap of “trying too hard” but falling short?

While most introverts would typically be challenged to make the first move to break the ice with a stranger, even extroverts get it wrong sometimes. When you are that person who mumbles and stumbles during initial moments of meeting. Read this main tips, which students Q&A platform prepared for you, if you feel nervous with strangers.

Here are the golden rules that may come in handy.

Eye Contact

As much as possible, make an eye contact with the person you want to speak to. If you are in an event or a party, go around doing your usual business, but make an effort to glance in her direction every once in a while. An eye contact may be your cue to offer her a glass of wine or join her at the snack bar.

Ask Questions

Many times, getting approached by a total stranger can be a scary thing. You see, some people will try to crack a joke to relieve the tension, but would end up making it worse because it sounded unauthentic. The secret sauce to getting someone’s interest is not by talking, but by asking.

Asking simple questions can create that connection instantly. It sends the other person a signal that you are ready to listen.

However, be cautious about how you formulate your questions. Sounding arrogant or intrusive is a major turn-off. Imagine sitting on a bus and suddenly someone inquires about your family. How would that make you feel?

Ask non-personal questions such as “How long have you been waiting on the line?”, “Have you been here before? Do you think the online reviews are authentic?”, “That’s a very interesting mix. What’s that drink called?”

Give Genuine Compliments

Human nature dictates our innate need to feel valued, important and recognized. Compliment the color of her dress or shoes. Say good things about how you notice her extend the kind gesture to elderly while walking on the street. Take time to find something that you genuinely believe is nice. People with the gift of discernment can easily smell a fake. Be careful not to overdo it.

You can also drop positive comments about your surroundings – how stylish the cafeteria is, how orderly is the train system today, etc.

Keep Your Sense of Humor

Everybody loves a good laugh. Keep the mood light by making fun of small things. A good sense of humor radiates and attracts positivity. Drop the old jokes, and keep abreast with what’s happening around you. Use that as your material to throw funny and inoffensive remarks. Listen and observe intently, so you know what makes the other person snicker.

Being able to lit up a conversation is also a way for you to build your dating resumé.

Getting this skill will ensure you that you will not be at the mercy of waiting for the other person to approach you. It will also help you expand your social network with so much ease.

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