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Review: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

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One of my favourite reads of the summer, Code Name Verity blends mystery, history and friendship into a wonderful metaphorical milkshake of a book.


Maureen Johnson mentioned this in a radio show awhile back, so when I saw it in a bookstore, I decided to get it, not expecting too much from it, since I had read the first chapter and found the writing to be slightly awkward.

Later that night, around two or three in the morning, I finished the book with only one thought on my mind.


I'm really not sure what to say, except that this is probably one of the cleverest pieces of fiction I've read in awhile.

There was just so much within the said and unsaid, so many little details that you would miss and then realize just how integral to the novel there were. The characters were convincing- the main characters not necessarily always good and brave, the supposed baddies, while first seemingly static quickly revealed to be much, much more.

Not only that, under all the horrible things happening and the mystery of it all, there was always the tale of friendship that shone through everything that happened. The two girls loved each other, and it was completely and utterly refreshing to see something like that in YA again, where there is just so much emphasis on romantic love and we never really get to see any other types of love explored in YA much any more.

It was one of the most historically accurate pieces I had read in... I'm not actually sure when. There was just so much terminology and I felt completely immersed in it, even if I didn't understand it all the time (which really, was the point). It felt right, especially considering who the girls were.

The fact that this was partially inspired by something from Horrible Histories which I actually remember makes it quite a bit more awesome. 5 stars.
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