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Review: The Call Of The Wild by Jack London

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The Call Of The Wild was reviewed at school by a classmate who had read it and enjoyed it - thus recommending it to everyone.  I had looked around and found it was free to download on iBooks, so I had bought it.  I quite enjoyed reading The Call Of The Wild since I am an animal lover and I like cute/furry things, so I was really interested.

Unfortunately, some parts did not really make sense for me - at times, it would just be hard for me to read on, and it wasn't smooth.  The majority of it was fine and dandy, but of course there would be a problem for me.  The characterization was fine too - it was especially interesting reading about Buck - it was almost narrated by himself, looking into his life as a human.  You would really grow to love that guy, and bond with him as you went through the story.  I don't have any pets (apart from a few deceased goldfish), but I can say that if you have any pets, especially canines, you might like to read this book.

It's the type of book that makes you want to keep reading on about the adventures of xxx and see how they react and cope with things, because those simple lifestyles are already interesting.  To have a storyline and a plot is simply an extra bonus.  That's how I saw The Call Of The Wild, it fit perfectly.


Okay, so I've mentioned before that there were some bits that were hard to read.  It was mainly the dialogue that I found annoying - firstly, the men talk in slang.  I don't really mind slang, but when people talk like that through the whole book, even though it's not constantly in dialogue, it is annoying.  The subject matter of their dialogue was also partly boring for me.  I would read it, but not process it.  Some parts of the dialogue didn't really make sense to me, so that was a down.

The setting was really good.  I don't really travel much, just usually staying in one spot so I haven't ventured the big, wide world yet, I wouldn't really know but the descriptions are so good.  It was like watching a movie in HD, except book version.  I could really see the snow and the mountains and everything!  The pleasant descriptions, the more horrible descriptions - it doesn't matter what is being described, you could see it clearly.  That made the writing pretty smooth for most of the time, like the movie flowed freely without 'lag'.

For the animal-lovers out there, you should read it, but be warned! You might not like some of the content in this book because of the way the dogs are treated, and how they behave.  However, you do learn quite a lot from this book, so I'd recommend it to you if you don't mind reading the most tiny little 'gore' or if you aren't 100% animal rights.  So yes, the Call of the Wild tells me to get you guys to read it :)
 I rate The Call Of The Wild 4 out of 5 stars!
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