Your Kid Should be Watched with Appmia

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Iphone pictures kidYour child’s images cannot be stolen by sexual predators because they are safe with this application. If you can sense something fishy with regards to your exclusive photos then follow your instinct, have the guts to call the police. Photography is an art and hence capturing your kid’s stages of development without dressing them from their first step, first crawl, first birthday and among other phases of their lives has no violation at all to child pornographic laws and they don’t leak to the public because they are protected by spy app that wouldn't let web crime exist.

With your kids photos on your iPhone synced via Photo Stream, there is nothing to worry because they are not accessible to the public and nudity is an art itself not unless there are scenes that can stir sexual fantasy. For as long as you wish, you can exercise your freedom to take images of your growing children without the interference of conservative and liberal communities.

On the other hand if you child started to surf the web on your iPhone then you need to worry as they might start posting these photos to social media, at this point you need to use an iPhone Appmia like Littleye, with-which you will be able to monitor your kids’ activities online and limit their time on the internet.

Human Relationships Are Severed by Young iPhone Users
iPhones have become a ubiquitous device and it seems that one cannot do away without them. Seldom can we find people without an iPhone because they have become the easiest mode of communication and not to mention its numerous apps for games. Don’t you know that young people from 18 to their late 20’s are spending most of their time with their phones rather than meeting real people?

parental control iPhone AppThis group age spend most of their time with their phones and forging relationships via social media which has severed human relationships. In a survey conducted for iPhone users it was revealed that 54% of respondents said that it is slightly acceptable to answer a phone call while having dinner with a pal, 37% said that it is slightly acceptable to check ones Twitter or Facebook account while having the same scenario and 45% disagreed.

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