Top handmade products available online for every handicraft lover in India

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You must be witnessing a lot of handmade products on display on various online platforms. There is a common consensus for personalisation of products and services. People now want to own something that is unique in its own self. Moreover, having a handmade handicraft gives you sense of belongingness in a world occupied by mass-produced items. Handmade products are like a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere filled with manufactured stuff. Moreover, it helps you understand how things can be made in a better and beautiful manner. It gives you a sense of confidence that there are people out there capable enough to make things you need when machines fail.

India for centuries is known across the whole world for its rich culture and heritage. Every state in India has its own unique culture, and handmade products are a part of that unique culture. India is home to countless talented artisans who define beauty with their marvellous handicraft products. These talented artisans need a platform to showcase their creations so that they get their due recognition and the money they deserve. With the ushering of the digital era, online platforms have come as a boon for these artisans. Online platforms like Fanusta have come up to bridge the gap between the artisan and the market so that consumers could avail handmade products online in India.  Here are the top nine handicrafts that are available online:-

Pottery and vases
Marble Statues
Decor jars
Platter and bowls
Kitchen and dining
Glass Decor
Decorative tray and boxes

We live in a world where mediocrity is served in the name of mass production. We cannot blame the whole concept of mass production as it is useful in catering to the needs of the giant population of the world. Though it does kill individuality and the feel of personal touch and this very fact is recognised by quite a number of people and due to this very reason the love for handmade handicrafts is picking up.

Online platforms like Fanusta are catering to the needs of people and nourishing their love for handmade products by bringing artisans onboard from all over India. It has realised that promoting handmade products is a must in contemporary times, and there are some strong reasons to do it :-.

Handmade products are living examples of Indian culture- In the past few years, Indian handmade products had taken a backseat, with no promotion and fierce competition from products imported from China and other countries, the market for handmade products in India was continually shrinking. It wasn’t until now that people started realising the importance of Indian handmade handicrafts. We need to utilize this opportunity to promote handmade products as now is the perfect time to nurture this beautiful heritage because every time you buy a handmade handicraft, our heritage and rich culture breathes a new life.
You ignite the creativity in you- It is the very nature of human beings to admire things of beauty. Beauty sparks creativity and carries with it an optimistic feel. These handmade products are not just mere products but are art pieces that have the imprints of their creator. Every time someone creates something, they leave a part of them in their creation and this is what makes them unique, the essence of the artist itself. This essence left in the handmade product ignites the creativity in you.

Handmade handicrafts are unique- The best part of buying handmade handicrafts is they are unique and cannot be duplicated. Two fingerprints are never the same; likewise, no two handmade products are same. Don’t you want to own one of its kind product that can never be duplicated?
Artisans put their heart into making a handicraft-  Everyone will agree to the fact that a homemade dish will always win more hearts than a dish made in a restaurant. Similar is the case with handmade products and handicrafts; the artists put their hearts in making an art piece and this is what makes this products special.

Gradually, people are learning the importance of art and acknowledging the beauty they possess. These four reasons mentioned above are strong reasons to promote, buy, and use handmade handicrafts. Moreover, if we explore the economical side, buying handmade handicrafts helps in supporting the artisan community. These handmade handicrafts come from the unorganised sector of the country who make a significant contribution towards the prosperity of the nation. This unorganised sector comprises of artisans whose sole source of income is their art and the handcrafts they make. In India, a majority of this people belong to the unorganised work sector, and due to this very reason handicrafts made by this sector has a direct impact on country's' GDP.

Today, everyone wants to be unique and look different from the crowd. People want to own something that is more personal and has a different feel from others. This desire is fulfilled when you opt for handmade products. Fanusta is a platform where handmade items are procured from the artisans and then those products are sold to the world using this e-commerce platform. So, come to Fanusta, you will get a vast plethora of handmade products made by Indian artisans. Support these artisans for their development and the betterment.
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