Top Wedding Trends For 2023 And How Couples Can Make The Most Of Them

Top Wedding Trends For 2023 And How Couples Can Make The Most Of Them

As we draw closer to the beginning of a new year, new trends will also be on the horizon. If you’re planning in 2023, or perhaps even marrying in the very year, you’ll no doubt be finalising plans, one of which will be the overall wedding theme, outfits, food and decor, just to name a few. To make sure your wedding is the best event of the year, and most importantly, the day you’ll cherish and remember for years to come, here are a few wedding trends for 2023 you’ll want to implement to your day.

Outdoor weddings

After two years spent at home, the nation has found added value and appreciation for outdoor spaces. And though the days of endless lockdowns has now passed, that value still remains, and many couples are set to take their wedding day al fresco. Think ceremonies in manicured grounds set in the estates of country house estates, woodland retreats surrounded by nature, and even beach wedding across the UKs coastline, If you’ve already booked your wedding venue, simply ask them about your ceremony options – most wedding venues are licenced to marry couples inside and out, so if you love the look of their gardens, make the most of them!

Alternative wedding menu

Many couples still opt for the traditional three-course, sit-down wedding breakfast, but more people are delving into the idea of alternative food options. Think live cooking, food carts, summer barbeques, fresh pizzas and even ordering in their favourite cuisine. Choose a menu style that suits the theme of your wedding, and remember, more casual serving styles are often more affordable, plus they make catering for different dietary requirements much easier.


Though some couples are going all out for their wedding day, especially those who found themselves waiting a few years longer than they expected, for others it has done the opposite. Eloping has come right back into fashion, perhaps thanks to Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian’s trip to Vegas. But for whatever the reason, many engaged couples are drawn to the idea of an intimate ceremony with just a couple of friends, or perhaps even just the tow of them. Now, eloping doesn’t require an escape to Vegas, although that is an option, but you could pop to the registry office, or even see what late availability your local venues have. It’s worth a try, right?

Destination weddings

So Vegas might not be your style, but destination weddings are all the rage, and this can include any country of your choice. Perhaps Rome has your heart, or the south of France holds sentimental meaning to your relationship. Wherever that special place is, there’s no reason you shouldn’t jet off with your nearest and dearest to celebrate your union. Who wouldn’t want to turn their wedding into a fun-filled holiday?

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