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Simple, Targeted and Easy to Setup Premium Campaigns for the audience of a million users.

Infeeds provides marketers first hand advantage with targeted stories delivered to right customers.

We, the community of different people who come along on a single platform from deep corners of the world talk on massive amount of subjects which creates a huge audience of readers and bloggers.

Getting Started

When you partner with us, we use collected information and technology end-to-end, creating an impactful experience with customized audience, ensuring you reach and engage the target users.

Campaign Types

There are 3 campaign types currently, enough to help our partners get the fullest of their investment. As Explained below:

  1. Sponsored Editor − We provide one of our professional bloggers to our Ad partner, to help write the best targeted content for their audience separately funded by the advertiser.
  2. Promoted Content − If our Ad partner wants to promote already published content written/managed by them or someone else on Infeeds platform.
  3. Boosted Links − Ad partners can create a link based ad with us with custom text and image. *(additional fees on any custom content requested by the advertiser)

Custom Ad Units

We provide two separate spaces for publishers with sub types of units.

In Users' Feeds − Your Promoted Content will be placed between Feeds on our users Homepages, Public Profiles and Directories.Promoted Feeds

Sidebar Unit − Running Banner Ads in classic way in sidebars, best for impression and link based adverts. This unit supports auto expansion for some Ads and has 3 different sizes for Ad block "650x250", "450x250" and "300x250".

Become our Premium Partner, setup your first Campaign and Grow your Business/Idea with Infeeds Partnered Network.

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