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Only for feeds
Not for buttons
Where to find directory/profile IDs:{username}/{id}/cats-are-amazing{directory}{username}


JavaScript (for dynamic and JS enabled websites):

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  • Buttons do not need ID, webpage links are auto fetched from URL bar that makes it just plug and play for your dynamic pages, vote buttons are used to preview live counts of votes, with share button for un-published links.
  • Scrolls on Feeds Plugin window is just at the time of preview, after plugging it to webpage its height expands to original content but if title is the only need then why don't copy the infeeds page link?
  • Simple and understandable code even to change easily, just a single call to JS file from pure JavaScript no external plugin call that makes things little fast but thing to remember is, that we have a small server, so don't flood webpages with plugins.

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