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What is Infeeds?
Infeeds is an online utility to help people Bookmark and Share Links, Questions and Notes. Its more than Socializing your content, Infeeds trend insights are publicly visible to know how many people are interested in particular topic.
It empowers any message by forwarding it to millions of other internet users available on the Network.

How Infeeds Works?
Infeeds forwards every single content shared by people to more people connected to the network. Every single feed goes through some sections of visible page, like the sidebar, front page and on its owner's and topic's page.
All feeds are search engine index enabled, so any search engine can easily crawl the web page.

What is the aim of creating Infeeds?
Infeeds is created to help people share information in form of links, photos, videos, notes, questions and more to those who are not able to reach that information, but need it or should know it. Its for people, by people and everything is done by them(you), from Sharing to Making Trend.

For whom Infeeds is created?
Infeeds is created for everyone, who need information or want to share it with others.

How to Create Account on Infeeds?
Just go to Sign up Page, create new account in seconds by filling the easiest sign up form or choose any alternate option to join the network.

Rules and Restrictions of being Infeeds Registered Member
just follow infeeds terms (, not too hard to follow and wallah !! Enjoy the rest.

Using Infeeds Home View Tabs
Home tabs are used to sort trending and new contents differently, you can switch to tabs for new contents and from top directory tab you can even explore new and trending directories.
Below that, those listed directories are one, that you have subscribed to, hanging in the mid your for instant access.

How to share external links on Infeeds?
Just click on share icon from the menu bar and fill three visible fields:
1. Title
2. Your External URL
3. Directory, the community where you want people to find this
and share, done.

How to Ask Questions on Infeeds?
Click on share icon from the menu bar above and fill two required fields:
1. Question, your question in summery
2. Directory, from which community do you want to ask that question
and details are optional in questions, you can still provide them for more relevancy and information, you can even add images, videos, codes and more to make it more understandable for users.

How to Write Notes on Infeeds?
Same procedure as Questions, click on share icon above from the menu bar and fill all required fields, as:
1. Subject, on what you are writing this note
2. Note, body where main ingredient is placed, a good content get more users
3. Directory, for particular community members and must be relevant one

What are Stacks and How to Start a Stack on Infeeds?
Stacks are collection of your favourite things on Infeeds like categories or personal boards, you can categorize and share your stacks with others.
Whatever you like, just pin it to your different stacks, you can even pin same post to multiple stacks.

Being your personal board not means its private, you can manage add or remove posts from it and can be able to make it visible or hidden from public.

Stacks are often good place to collect and organise your information in private to be safe from others.

How to add feeds in my Stack?
click on the pin icon visible in the feeds option bar and slider will appear with your present stacks to create new stack fill the form at the top of slider and share your stack instantly and click on "add" to add the selected feed to particular stack of yours.

Privacy Options for Feeds and Stacks
Privacy options are same for feeds and stacks because stacks are created as feeds and have all properties as of feeds and easily customizable but not re-named.
Privacy can be changed right at the time of sharing feed or after sharing from feeds option bar click on more options and change to Public or Private as per your convenience.

How to Suggest for Improvements to Infeeds?
Its really simple as infeeds feedback form is always available for your valuable suggestion, just fill this form and submit or mail directly to, response will come for sure.

Ask directly from infeeds core users from Contact Page.
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