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how secure is my infeeds account?
okay, let me make it clear, infeeds is open in many terms but kind of secure at the side of making your private feeds safe and invisible, same thing with messaging but if you want to talk about your profile and directory visibility, there is no privacy because infeeds is made that way to share stories and information with everyone.
But feel free to use private feeds and messaging they are totally visible to you only.

There is a lack in account security if you are too sharing and share information with everyone because many people don't use email while signin up for infeeds and its not good because it can weaken your account security. So provide your email while signing up that will add an extra layer of security to your account.

What is the value of security for Infeeds?
Infeeds has strong values for security in terms of user information and hardly has any third service to share your infeeds information, only facebook and twitter are used for signup but its totally your choice to use it or not else I didn't found anything as 3rd service to infeeds, you can read Infeeds terms for more information

Can I add or change my email address?
you can change your account email from account setting > security and type your new email twice and existing password and save. Confirm your email from the link send to your new email account, only if Infeeds recommends.

How to change my account password?
go to account settings > security and write your existing password and new password twice and save, next time sign in with your new password if forgot request for password recovery.

Managing who can find me and my contents
its not managed by users, whatever privileges allowed by users are visible in account setting panel, switch tabs change things from search visibility to messaging.

How secure is my information and private data?
it depends what information, if you are talking about messaging, its safe and visible to only two users who are talking, for profile, its clearly visible to everyone, there is nothing hidden.
For feeds, its your choice what to want to make private and those private data is actually so private, no one can view that content accept the owner of feed. Even you can't allow 3rd person to view that, you are the only one who can manage/customize it.

Is there any 3rd party interference in sharing of information?
As per Infeeds Terms till Infeeds V2.O explains, there is no 3rd party with whom infeeds shares your information but your social connections with your own choice to share feeds only or not, its to aware your friends about your activity nothing else.

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