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viewing account activities
open slider menu, click on notifications > view all notifications and switch tabs to see all your activities or from slider menu click on threads to open activities page.

how to remove activities and actions?
from slider menu click on threads to open activities page and switch between tabs for different activities, to remove click on remove/delete text, visible below the activity

which accounts are able to see activities?
both anonymous and registered accounts are able to visit activities but anonymous accounts are not able to view subscribers tab because these accounts are not made to attach to something permanent but can vote, post threads and more like other users.

How to send message to any user?
just go to users profile and click on send message icon and start conversation.

Not able to send message to someone, error says not allowed, what does it means?
its because of privacy settings of user you are messaging, this message comes whether you are blocked by the second person you blocked him or he has disabled messaging.

what I attach files or images in messages?
what? you mean how, right? so no you can't attach things with messages but link things and image links are fetched so you don't have to open image links they will be previewed and you have texts to share not even smiley till Infeeds V2.O

How to disable getting messages from other users or any particular?
for particular there is just one option, block that particular user problem solved but for everyone, change it from settings.
Go to Account Settings > Privacy and change Messaging Option and Save

Can I delete my messages?
no you can't even you block users, stop messaging but history is always there. You can't change your past !!

Ask directly from infeeds core users from Contact Page.
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