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how to share links?
click on the share icon from the menu bar at top and choose link (as by default, link tab is opened) and fill the 3 fields, if the external link is instantly available then it will fetch right before sharing but if its slow don't wait for it being fetched.
In short just fill the form and share. done !

How to share image links?
image link sharing is no special just share the same way as you share links, image will be detected automatically but image link means to have direct image not the webpage where image is, ie, like link ending with someimage.png or .jpg or any other image format else famous image sharing websites page is enough to share and infeeds will find the image by itself, websites like flickr, instagram, imgur, etc. are auto embeded by sharing.
Else if you've local file then just upload it to the website and share with suitable title.

how to share local images?
open share box from share icon in the menu bar and open photo tab simply give it a title, choose the image file and share with relevant directory. But remember only these types of image types are supported for now: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp till Infeeds v2.O

how to write questions and notes in brief?
open the share box from share icon from menu bar at top and select question or note to share, in questions click explain question to write a brief text and for rich text including images, videos and more embedding click on the text editor button and you'll be redirected to new page where you can explain in brief with rich text and do the same for notes.

Is this possible to edit feeds and how?
you can edit only the body part of questions and notes not other types of feeds, and Its good to be unchanged information to build a good base of information.
As per questions and notes open the feed's main page and click on the edit button appearing at the right top of feed body and update body and summary of changes you made and share.

Customizing feeds properties, from public to private and safe to adult
if you want to do it right at the time of sharing, options are available right at the bottom of the sharing box by the drop down options and toggle between public and private or safe and adult but if you've done something else by mistake, just goto the feeds page and click on more options from vote bar and click on even more to change privacy and maturity level but remember if you don't own the feed and marked some feed as adult you can't change it back to safe, only owner of the feed can do that. So its totally customizable to do.

How to ask question from a particular person?
use AMA option to ask any question directly from user but its not necessary that one is going to answer you its totally on the second persons choice but atleast it will be public and everyone will be looking for the answer. But again, its even possible that the ama person will delete it. Oops !! There is a super choice for the person you're asking the question.

How to start AMA Session?
AMA Session is related to Live AMA, if you want to start an AMA just go to your profile and from your sidebar click on start AMA Session and fill the fields for time, date and more from advanced tab or just click on Go Live AMA to start the session live but remember to close AMA Session when you're about to leave else sign out to go offline from AMA.

Can AMA be private?
no there is no such thing like private AMA but you can always message to people and ask your question and it will be private for sure, but if the person has disabled messaging than you have to find another way to ask something.

How to view feeds stats?
stats are visible on the feeds page where you can view pings(unique visits) to the feed or can even view country stats by clicking on the pings icon.

What happens to feeds if user deactivates account?
feeds will be still available to access, vote, comment and everything will be there after user is gone like in real-life, just user profile will not be visible that's it. But if someone wants to make his/her/others feeds disappear just delete it and done, no more feeds.

how voting system works and which one is count as valid?
votes count on valid accounts and user registered IDs but its too applicable on device IDs, only unique among them are valid but if any kind of spam activity happens then remember, activities are public so the core users, directory managers and even registered users can report such activities.

Who can post threads on feeds?
anyone who want to as long as agreeing infeeds terms for being a good infeeds user for communities(directories) he/she/others follow. Whether the signature type is registered user or anonymous access.

Restrictions regarding shared content
Sharing has no restriction but rules that help the communities to stop explicit activities, core users check newly shared feeds regularly to stop sharing of spam and fake contents but its not enough even directory managers are too active to take care of activities happening with feeds and once the account is reported for this kind of activity the account can be deleted in no time but if reporting continues Device IPs can be blocked even in terms of temporary or permanent.

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