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How to update user profile information?
click on account settings from the slider or visit your profile and click on setting icon and update your data across the different tabs and save changes you made.

change profile picture
two ways, from your profile directly or from account settings, click on your present image from profile and choose the photo you want to upload and it will be cropped and save d automatically.
From Account settings open Photo tab and click on browse image or choose one from your social connections and things will automatically save.

managing profile connections with other networks
from account settings open connections tab and fill fields with your social links and to connect your instant sharing accounts, click on the icon or update to add/update your social connection that will enable sharing to your social account directly.

On/Off feeds sharing to external networks
while sharing any feed click on the social account icon that you want instant share enable/disable or change settings from account settings > connections and set post update off.

Setting feeds privacy and maturity level as default sharing
for particular feeds, you don't need to make it default, you can do it just by changing the PrivatePublic or SafeAdult content from share box. But if you're alcoholic or some sherlock who want to keep his/her data safe go to account settings > privacy and change anything to default that you want to and yes, leave alcohol its bad for your health.

how to report user activity?
open user profile and click on report/block button from sidebar and click on report user. If you want to get rid of that user click on block but if something is more than serious report that user directly to infeeds from their contact page.

How to block contents and activities of particular profile?
open user profile and click on report/block button from sidebar and click on block user. All user activities will be removed from your home and messaging and profile visiting will be even closed.

how to deactivate infeeds profile?
go to account settings > security and click on deactivate account and done but remember, infeeds will not remove the contents you shared, your profile will be invisible for everyone but feeds are still visible so if you want to remove your activities and history, you've to do it manually.
and if you want to come back anytime you can just by a single sign in and you're account will be enabled and again become visible to everyone.

How to delete infeeds profile?
There is not option form panel to delete your account you can just deactivate your account but try to contact infeeds, if there will be some genuine reason, they can do it.

What is anonymous access?
Anonymous access is direct access to infeeds resources that lets you vote things and share threads but with some restrictions and limits for actions, like you can't create a directory or stack and all your feeds will be public and more. but it comes with real power and profit or anonymity.
You can atleast share and place your opinion on anything without revealing your identity and as infeeds official account described, it will not be attached to any of registered accounts or leave history because of its random nature. It means its not necessary you're going to sign into same anonymous account once you signed out.
Next time you sign can be a new or different anonymous account or someday you can be back to your old anonymous account and that's a fun part, no body knows whose anonymous account is about to be opened. Mostly its new account whenever you sign.

How anonymous accounts work?
Its based on random techniques to provide you a new or old anonymous account, but not from other device. Suppose you've created an anonymous account from your mobile device and everytime you go through anonymous sign process reach to an unknown new account but its too possible that you may someday sign into any of your history accounts. Its actually based on your device keys. I don't know how but it works this way as explained by @infeeds official account.

Its fun to use, share and vote things with anonymous identity that you don't even know about how to handle.

what are the limits of anonymous account?
anonymous accounts are not able to change their core settings like privacy, connections and more in settings but these accounts are eligible to view their history but only for sessions as its random and unknown to us how account switching works but still you can track your activities and history till your session ends.
In voting and sharing there is not exception but all your content will be shared as public, else is you cannot message to anybody and can't block but report and no directory management, stacks creation, subscription, following users or personal timeline.

While remaining is same as another account but you must have a registered account if you want to have an identity but anonymous access is fun to have on sidebar to switch to infinite world anytime.

Ask directly from infeeds core users from Contact Page.
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