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How to create directories?
from the sidebar click on "create new directory", if by any reason not in the sidebar then open the share box from clicking top share icon and choose new name for your directory if the name not exists then a "+yourDirectory" will appear click on that and a new tab will open with your directory name to fill some specific fields, after filling information and submission the directory will instantly become active to use and customize.

how to subscribe any directory?
open directory page and look for subscribe button and click to subscribe, subscribe buttons can be different in feel and style through different directories so don't worry about being different.

where to see subscribed users?
in the directory sidebar a small stats box will be visible to latest directory activities and subscribers. there you can find how many people are subscribed and how many are online in the directory.
If you are the manager of directory then click on edit directory > subscribers and view how many people and even who has subscribed to the directory and more stats about them and even more options to remove them from membership.

how to see active users in directory?
in the sidebar, the number of active users is visible in the stat box, but I think it refreshes in span of 10 mins to half hour but accurate.

Contact directory managers
all of directory managers are visible in the sidebar of the directory to message, report or whatever you want to do with them, but some directory themes hide those boxes with CSS, so if you've a little CSS knowledge inspect elements from sidebar and unhide the element and view who is behind the idiot idea.

how to become a directory manager?
Its not your choice to become manager of any directory of your choice, only if you are the creator of directory or someone else has invited you to become a manager of the his/her/others directory.
But if you want to moderate any directory that you like to, just try to contact to existing managers, if they found you active enough and working good for community there are chances they can give you moderation of the directory. all the best !

How to update rules and about section of directory?
If you manage some directory click on edit directory from directory page and open tab basic to edit about, rules, sources and more information in the fields. Or visit your manage directory page from slider bar.

How to customize directory design?
If you manage some directory click on edit directory from directory page and open tab customize to add custom CSS to your directory and even if you want to make changes in some html part just send a request about what you want to change.
In the CSS Style box write your theme codes and preview for good before saving it, its good to see what you've made before publishing.
Or visit your manage directory page from slider bar to view all directories you manage.

Adding new elements/images in the headers and sidebars?
adding new elements in the directory seems like hard without editing html but you can easily add images and backgrounds and more elements easily accept big boxes and framed content. To add some element like image banners in the sidebar or the additional header, click on customize tab from admin panel and customize your css for adding new element at selected are inspect the element ID or Class and add n-th child selector its easy but sometimes confusing for beginners but you'll be used to it after sometime, you can google for code examples and here are some Fiddles you might find interesting.

But remember to preview your changes first before saving for public, it can downgrade the reputation of the directory among its members.

Updating or Adding new HTML elements, is it possible?
its possible but chances are few to get request accepted because its hard for any website to customize the core styles for users experience because it can be bad for styling but still, if you want to add some HTML parts to your directory open admin panel > customize and fill request for HTML customization and send the request, its about to get response within 24 hours about to proceed further or not.
Good Luck

How to stop sharing of inappropriate feeds to the directory?
if you are the manager of that directory, you can easily remove the feed shared but if you're a member report it directly if more harmful, report it to any moderator or all but if it the content is abusing someone or some community just contact directly with feed link or id to infeeds, you're supposed to get response back within 24 hours.
If the person is your personal enemy and or your best friend who is joking with you, just block him.

I don't want to manage a directory, how to opt-out?
from your admin panel, open managers tab click on leave management, you'll be redirected and now you are no more manager of the directory.

Why at some places directories start with /d/... ?
its to symbolize like @ for users and # for topics in older infeeds but for now as posting a thread(comment) on post users use /d/ to tag particular directory and even infeeds uses the symbol at some places to differentiate or easy to understand that further is a directory.

How to block any directory?
easy, just go to the community page(directory) and click on block directory from the sidebar, you'll be redirected and done. It will be added to your blocked list in Account Settings.

Can directories be deleted?
As far as Infeeds recommends to make things useful for everyone and ready for a long run but there is a chance directory can be deleted, if infeeds finds a valid reason to remove it but its not easy for them too because it needs voting from more people of the community itself if they are ready to move data from one directory to another or to just delete it from the network.

It can all be possible by contacting infeeds directly by their direct connect email [], or visit infeeds contact page.

adding more managers to directory
open your admin panel and form managers tab fill the username of the the user you want to make manager and done or go to users profile and click on add to managers and choose one from directories you manage but if button is not visible then the user has disabled manager requests.

Ask directly from infeeds core users from Contact Page.
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