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Simple, Targeted and Easy to Setup Advert Campaigns for the audience of a million users.

Infeeds Advert gives it's marketers first hand advantage with targeted stories and right customers.

We, the community of different people who come along on a single platform from deep corners of the world talk on massive amount of subjects which creates a huge audience of readers and bloggers.

Getting Started

When you partner with us, we use collected information and technology end-to-end, creating an impactful experience with customized audience, ensuring you reach and engage the target users.

Advert Types

We provide 3 types of Adverts to help our partners get the fullest of their money. Ad types are explained below:

  1. Sponsored Editor − We provide one of our professional bloggers to our Ad partner, to help write the best targeted content for their audience separately funded by the advertiser.
  2. Promoted Content − If our Ad partner wants to promote already published content written/managed by them or someone else on Infeeds platform.
  3. Boosted Links − Ad partners can create a link based ad with us with custom text and image. *(additional charges on any custom content requested by the advertiser)

Custom Ad Units

We provide two separate spaces for advertisers with sub types of units, costing different each.

In Users' Feeds − Your Promoted Content will be placed between Feeds on our users Homepages, Public Profiles and Directories.Promoted Feeds

Sidebar Unit − Running Banner Ads in classic way in sidebars, best for impression and link based adverts. This unit supports auto expansion for some Ads and has 3 different sizes for Ad block "650x250", "450x250" and "300x250".

Become our Ad Partner, setup your first Ad and Grow your Business/Idea with Infeeds Partnered Network.

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