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  • Infeeds is a collection of communities for different interests and fields, called directories.
  • People vote to help published notes come in view of other community members.
  • Anybody can start a thread on feeds published publicly.
  • At the end of the day, it all comes to blogging and enjoying contents around the world.

People join Infeeds to be a part of an independent internet network, where everybody is free to publish their opinion without restrictions (until it's about misuse of the platform).

Internet explorers (not MS-IE) always welcomed here to explore and respond to other members opinions on different matters.

And yes, it is free as always has been.


History? Everyday is someday's past and there is a lot in Infeeds history chapter. Yet, if we try summarizing it, that would be like;

  • Infeeds started as a blog, where people posted their tech and political views through texts.
  • Later after a year with addition of some new features, Infeeds became a social platform with public voting polls and easy to use interface.
  • And, finally first final build version of Infeeds was released on 2nd May, 2014.
  • But still due to many bugs, one developer and not being able to scale for large amount of people Infeeds again gone under construction (and massive headache), till next version.
  • On 7th October, 2015 Infeeds V2 released with more easy and flexible environment with scalable service.
  • Then Infeeds android app released, total disaster (but you should try it atleast).
  • So did the dragging happened and a minimal bug version v3.0 release.
  • And we literally skipped the v4 (just because of its being 4) and now you're using the most amazing version v5.0, relased on 1st June, 2017 (all of us love this one because it came out much better than we expected while developing and best part, members love it).


InfeedsA blogging platform for enthusiasts who love learning, and sharing their ideas and experiences with world.
Omnia SearchA Local Area Search engine to find anything in your locality with its price, distance and availability of the product; currently available in India only.

Infeeds' aim is to provide free information and services, that can be beneficial for people and small businesses around the world.

Keep Infeeds with you, always :)

Atleast we have something for android. try it, its free!

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