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Infeeds is a collection of stories published by people across interests. Voting stories help them reach a wider audience and story threads are great place for conversation. At the end of the day, it all comes to blogging and enjoying real life stories around the world.


  • Infeeds started as a blog, where people posted their tech and political views through plain texts.
  • Later after a year we added public voting polls and improved on our interface.
  • Finally first final build of Infeeds was released on 2nd May, 2014.
  • On 7th October, 2015 Infeeds V2 released with few more features including private messaging and stacks.
  • Infeeds android app released the same year.
  • Afterwards v3.0 release in early 2016.
  • And we literally skipped the v4 and now went ahead with v5.0; relased on 1st June, 2017 (our users loved it).
  • Infeeds v6 and v6.5 came in 2019 but proved not to be a big improvement over previous version.
  • 5th March, 2020 came with the best yet Infeeds v7. We completely changed the UI and added various filters to improve user experience.
  • Infeeds is archived from January, 2021 and will be discontinued by following year completely.


Infeeds (DISCONTINUED) − A blogging platform for enthusiasts who love learning, and sharing their stories and experiences with world.
Omnia Search (DISCONTINUED) − A Local Area Search engine to find anything in your locality with its price, distance and availability of the product; currently available in India only.
[voinsource] − A problem solving unit to develop computer programs for software developers across platforms.

We aim to provide best of internet services to individuals and small businesses.

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