"we drive free information"


It means more than sharing, people join Infeeds to become a part of Independent Internet, where you have choice for what you want to post or share.

Infeeds is a place for internet explorers (humans, not MS-IE) who want to find something good, interesting, informative or else and those who have something to share with the rest.

And yes, it is free and always will be.


History? Everyday is someday's past and there is a lot in Infeeds history chapter, but if we summarize that, it will be like;


infeeds.com is currently the only complete product by Infeeds, but plans are to cover more ideas soon including regular updates of Infeeds.

Infeeds' aim is to provide free services, that can be benificial for people and businesses living anywhere in the world.

Take Infeeds with you

atleast we have something for android. try it, its free!

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