How Glasses Can Define Your Personality

People usually wear glasses because they have weak eyesight, but they mostly hate wearing them because they make them look ugly. Not thinking that you can are wearing the wrong frame that is making you look bad. You must look for the frames that suit best on your face and enhance your features. The better the frame, the better your face will look.

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Frames For Your Face Shape

There are five face shapes in men and women. You should select your glasses according to them. Underneath are written about the face shapes and the frames that will go with them.


Rounded faces are short in length with a prominent forehead, softer chin and fuller checks. You must find the frames that accompany your feature. As everything in your face screams roundness, that makes it lack angles. So you should go for frames that add angles to your face, for which the styles are listed below to help you choose the right one.

  • Rectangular Frames
  • Geometrical Frames
  • Upswept Frames
  • Angular Frames


People that have oval faces are said to be lucky. Because they can wear put on any type of glasses or hairstyle and it will suit them. It means you don’t have to put much thought when changing your hairstyle or selecting glasses for your face. It is the proper way of saying, “You can be anything”, so wear whatever you like and be happy. Although if you still need some suggestions to start with, then you can select the following:

  • With Balanced Proportions.
  • Softly Rounded Glasses.


You identify as a Diamond face shape when you have a narrow forehead along with a slim chin area. You have accentuated cheekbones and plump cheeks. Therefore, look for frames that bring focus to your eyes. It will provide softer contrast to your angular facial features. The curved frames that are sophisticated tend to complement the diamond face shape. Some suggestions are given below:

  • Cat eye Glasses.
  • Round Glasses.
  • Browline Glasses.


The triangle face shape has a narrow forehead with a broader chin; it’s not like a square shape. Wearing wider frames that can balance out your face shape. You should use frames that accentuate your features and try colours to add more to them. For your face, the following glasses can work best for you.

  • Aviators Glasses.
  • Cat eye Glasses.

Heart Shape

Heart Shape faces having broad foreheads and narrow chins with elevated cheekbones. It is viewed as the most versatile of them all. These faces work best with frames that are widened out from the forehead and rounded bases that evens out the features. Some frame suggestions are given below:

  • Oval Glasses.
  • Light colours Glasses.
  • Low-set temples frame.

Different Frames Provide A Different Meaning

Glasses are among the first things which get noticed when someone looks at you. They instantly get to know about you just by looking at the frames you are wearing. Selecting glasses for your face shape can actually change the way you look means enhancing your appearance and a boost in confidence. Do you want to see if you look wild or classy in them, then the following frames guide can help you.

Patterned Frames

Patterned frames are the choice of cheerful individuals. The bright colours with patterns on them are worn mainly by oldies who want to feel youth again. These frames also give a vibe of joyfulness and happy nature and primarily the people who like to live their life to the fullest.

Simple and Clean Frames

The simple and clean line frames are for pragmatic people. The ones who are logical, or scientific enthusiasts, mathematicians. These people are more focused on functionality than looks or style. It’s more about the structure, as these individuals are detail-oriented and more inclined towards simple lines.

Colourful Frames

Creative people choose colourful frames. Nowadays, frames can be found in several colours, which let people express their uniqueness. Mostly artistic people have the audacity to wear funky colours and move around. They know what they are into and steer towards it. Usually, the people who wear fun and flashy colours are a choice of people who are fun and outgoing. Even though shy people also use these types of coloured glasses.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshell frames are the go-to choice of spunky people. The ones who like to express their creativity and uniqueness through glasses. Furthermore, it’s not only about the colour but also the style of the glasses. These glasses will always be a signature style for originality. This is the favourite of creative thinkers and independents. It leaves a lasting impression upon the world that the person wearing it has a taste for art and vintage items. The shape of these glasses is different from any other that exists, just like the people who wear them.

Thick and black Frames

Thick and black frames are the choice of trendy, hipster and young individuals. They wear these glasses just to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. These bold glasses are the go-to option for the late teen around the 20s. These glasses are considered to be trendy. The people wearing these glasses are considered to be bold, young and opinionated.

Aviator Frames

People who have a close relationship with fashionable eyewear. Wears of these glasses are also known as adventures and risk takers. You can also call them active and devoted who live in the moment.


This blog is on How Glasses Can Define Your Personality. Further, it discusses face shapes and what frames are a good fit for face shapes. Moreover, you will also learn which frame can portray what image of yours.

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