Dressing for Body Confidence: Tips for Embracing Your Shape and Style

We all have a collection of screenshots in our gallery that are full of styles and patterns, and that we can get easily with online dress shopping in Pakistan. But, just because of the thought “It won’t look good on me”, we can’t pull them off. Or you may buy that outfit but it doesn’t look good on you and your efforts and money ended up in vain. However, it’s not that you are too skinny or too fit, but it’s all about the body type you own. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there’s no ideal body type because every body type is beautiful and unique in its way. To get the perfect silhouette, find what looks best for your body type and most important how you can style it correctly. Styling is very important to correctly emphasize your body features. 

  1. Identify Your Body Type

Identify your body type first.

  • Hourglass Shape: Equally spaced breasts and hips, with a distinct waist.
  • Pear Shaped: Narrow shoulders are followed by broad hips and thighs
  • Inverted: Broad shoulders with a narrow waist and hips.
  • Apple-shaped: Fullness in the middle, with thin legs.
  • Oval Like: A rounded form with a focus on the center.
  • Rectangular: Few curves with proportionate hips, bust, and waist.
  • Diamond Shaped: Broad shoulders, hips, and a tiny waist.
  • Straight Body: Fewer curves and proportions of the breast, waist, and hips that are similar.
  • Athletic Body: Balanced, with few curves and well-defined muscles.
  1. Say No to Ill Fittings

No matter what body type you have, finding the right fit is crucial. Always choose clothing that flatters your shape, and think about tailored possibilities for a pronounced improvement in the way your outfit looks. A few small changes, like shortening your sleeves or hemming your trousers, may significantly improve how you seem. However, many women clothing brands in Pakistan offer the perfect size chart for different body types. 

  1. Highlight Your Assets

The following step is to comprehend to balance the optimal form by emphasizing the proper features with the appropriate style. 

If you have an hourglass form, for example, you should emphasise your defined waist. 

Choose boat necklines if you have a pear-shaped physique to hide the bottom wide area and highlight the upper body. For Apple forms, wide-leg pants and straight skirts work well. Or, if you have a diamond-shaped figure, you may highlight your waist with a dramatic belt. 

  1. Play with Colours and Patterns

Style and diverse body types are greatly influenced by various patterns and hues. Dark colours, for instance, provide a slimming impact, but bright colours assist draw attention to the parts you want to emphasise. Similar to how horizontal stripe patterns assist generate breadth to give the appearance of a greater area, vertical stripe patterns may make you look taller and thinner. Large designs, on the other hand, aid in the appearance of dimension and highlight the curves, whilst monochrome attire might lengthen the shape. Therefore, choose patterns and hues that go well with your physical features. 

  1. Prioritize the Comfort First

When looking for the greatest options for yourself, don’t forget to put your comfort first. This is crucial to successfully up your style game. One has to feel comfortable to pull off the outfit with ease. 

Try to avoid the fabric that irritation your body and make sure that when you do online dress shopping, just read the description to know about the stuff in detail.

  1. Style with Statement Accessories

Accessories are effective to improve your style. They enable you to successfully highlight your favourite aspects by focusing on them and drawing attention to them. Belts, for instance, work best to highlight the waistline on an hourglass figure. 

For a pear body type, a scarf or distinctive necklace is the ideal choice to highlight the upper body. The top portion of the inverted torso is best balanced by wearing long pendant necklaces and chokers. 

Confidence Is the Key!

The most attractive accessory you can wear is confidence. If you have confident in what body you have and how style, the world will be able to see that glow. Always keep it in mind that be confident enough to look great in any clothing. Stay confident about your styling and personality.


To conclude, embrace your body type to enjoy who you are. However, it claims that style is the secret to releasing one’s potential and confidence. Understand that each person has a distinct body form and that each person must get the clothes and styling to create the ideal shapes to showcase their best features. 

Additionally, online dress shopping in Pakistan, makes it simpler for everyone to purchase comfortably for their particular style.

Author Bio:

Alexa Wilson was born in 1996 and grew up with a keen interest in researching, and writing about start-ups and giant businesses. Currently working as Senior Content Writer at an Plentys.pk – online shopping store in Pakistan gave her exposure to learn more about eCommerce business. She studied at the University of Manitoba while majoring in economics, psychology, and business administration. Her ambition of becoming an entrepreneur combined with her passion for writing made her write enormous amounts of press releases for brands and research blogs for start-ups. Her extensive research in her field has helped many people to have clear insights about beauty, tech, skincare, lifestyle and other products to buy.

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