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general directory guidelines
This block is to tell you about directory rules at Infeeds level. These terms can be hide/update/customized by directory managers but will be sticked here forever for users awareness. If directory does not has any set of rules yet, then Infeeds Level directory rules will be applied on InfeedsHelp, as follows:
  1. Everyone has authority to vote and share contents but not to spam or for bullying.
  2. Directory members must follow rules from real world, that the directory resembles to, it can help sharing of right information for better (its better to a suggestion).
  3. If any explicit content or person or activity found, it should be taken care by the directory members together because its a community to keep people together.
  4. Company advertisements are not allowed in the community until its made for that particular purpose, or the content will be removed from network.
That's it, remember that these rules will be worthless if any of community rule over-rides above points.
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