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What are Stacks and How to Start a Stack on Infeeds?

InfeedsHelp1 year ago (2015-10-03 02:07:39)

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Stacks are collection of your favourite things on Infeeds like categories or personal boards, you can categorize and share your stacks with others.
Whatever you like, just pin it to your different stacks, you can even pin same post to multiple stacks.

Being your personal board not means its private, you can manage add or remove posts from it and can be able to make it visible or hidden from public. Stacks are often good place to collect and organise your information in private to be safe from others.

To start or add a stack to your stacks list, click on pin icon visible in feeds option bar, if not visible it means they are not pinnable. If visible, click on the icon and slider will appear with your present stacks to create new stack fill the form at the top of slider and share your stack instantly with people and add infinite feeds/posts to the stack.
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