7 of Pittsburgh’s Most Iconic Foods

When you’re getting ready to move or travel to a new city, you can learn a lot about it from the food people love the most there. Pittsburgh is no different. This fantastic city has a long history and some of the best food you’ll ever try. From the classic Philly cheesesteak to the amazing Gobblerito, you’ll fall in love with every bite.

These are seven of Pittsburgh’s most iconic foods!

1. The Philly Cheesesteak!

 You may be surprised to see this on the list since it’s a Philadelphia specialty: but Pittsburgh’s a competitive city that’s taken it even further. The Philly cheesesteaks here are to die for, dressed up and cooked in ways that will have you dreaming of their flavor. Although Philly may have started this trend, Pittsburgh has put it to rest by making them taste a thousand times better.

2. Potato Patch Fries

French fries are something every city has, but Potato Patch Fries in Pittsburgh have taken them even further. Making everything from loaded potatoes with cheddar, bacon, gravy, and more- to the famous salad that’s mentioned later on this list, their spuds are showstoppers. This is an affordable and fun stop for everyone! 

3. Pierogies

Pierogies are another dish that didn’t start here, yet Pittsburgh has worked to perfect it. These great pockets of meat, veggies, and even cheese can be found across the city. There’s even a pierogi pizza that combines two of the best dishes on Earth into a fantastic meal that nobody could say no to.  

4. Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte

Don’t let this name scare you away! The burnt almond torte is a sweet and crispy confectionary that’s perfectly cooked and delicious. Prantl and other Pittsburgh bakeries have taken this further, adding more flavor and texture, making them craveable year after year. Although this is often a Christmas favorite, many bakeries are offering it year-round! 

5. Primanti Sandwich

The Primanti Bros defined what good Pittsburgh food is. From their awesome grilled meat, melted cheese, and fresh coleslaw to the choice of adding whatever topping your heart desires. Don’t forget to order a refreshing IC Light, the best bear to go with this much flavor. 

6. Gobblerito

If you want a tasty energy boost after looking at Pittsburgh houses for sale, it’s time to stop and check out the Gobblerito.  Although these are only available in the fall, they’re the best part of the season. Delivering an entire thanksgiving meal in one burrito, you’ll get everything from the gravy to cranberry dressing in each bite. Absolutely delicious! 

7. The Pittsburgh Salad

A call back to the Potato Patch fries, the Pittsburgh Salad is something that everyone should try. Instead of piling croutons on your salad, many in Pittsburgh pile on crispy hot french fries! This adds a lot of flavor and texture and brings it to the next level.

Pittsburgh Has Flavor! 

If you’re in town for the weekend, you might not be able to try all of these: but you can always come back! Everything Pittsburgh has to offer is worth a try and easy to love.

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